Great was to treat your dog this Christmas

5 ways to treat your dog this Christmas

While you’re frantically doing your Christmas shopping this year, spare a thought for the furry friend in your life. That little guy who never asks anything from you, never moans when you get home from work late or when you don’t have time to cuddle. Christmas is the perfect time for treating your canine companion and thanking him for what he does best – simply being there for you. Here are some great treat ideas for doing just that.

1. Agility starter kit

If you have a breed that’s energetic and loves to learn new things, why not get this agility training kit and set it up in your garden? All you need are a few treats to tempt your pooch into trying it out. It should serve as a welcome break from the monotony of Christmas day TV and boring relatives!

Try this one for £58.00:

2. Kong Toy

Kongs have become hugely popular with dogs all over the world. They’re a fantastic way to provide mental stimulation and are great for encouraging dogs to chew something other than your shoes or cushions! Simply fill one of these with food and your dog will have hours of fun chewing away, as a little bit of food is dispensed each time to reward him for his efforts. These toys are washable, safe and very pet friendly. They’re available from most online pet shops. This one is £9.89:

3. Sofa bed

Do you have a puppy or a small breed of dog that sheds a lot? This sofa bed is set to be your pup’s favourite Christmas present! Simply pop it on the couch and invite your little dog to join you for a spot of couch potato action. He’ll be delighted he is finally allowed to sit next to you! Best of all, your furniture will stay clean and fluff free. Yours for just £21.99:

4. Doggy massage

A free way to treat your pooch with some real TLC. Why not teach yourself some canine massage techniques? Watch a video on You Tube, or get yourself a book and learn all about your pooch’s pressure points. If you’re really keen you could always take a course. Your dog will thank you for it.

5. Dog flap

Probably the most exciting present a dog could find under the tree. This is a cat flap that’s big enough for your dog – the perfect way to make sure your pooch isn’t bored when you’re busy, allowing him to wander out into the garden whenever nature calls, or even just to bask in the sun. Make sure your garden is completely secure before installing this! From 24.99:

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