About Gordon Roberts

Gordon Roberts passion for wellness medicine was the driving force behind the creation of Wellpets Animal Hospital which opened its first branch in (add location) on (add date).

Since then, Gordon has become a veterinary expert treatment thousands of pets and opened a further 7 branches making him a key authority figure in the UK Veterinary market.

Gordon’s veterinary practice revolves around his belief that the foundation of good health and longevity is preventing disease before it develops. Gordon attributes much of his clinic’s success to the fact that preventative measures are addressed with every patient, at every exam.

Gordon also has a big passion for natural herbal and homeopathic medicine and has a Diploma in vet homoeopathy. Gordon become a Fellow of the British institute of Homoeopathy in 1999.

Since then Gordon has developed his own natural product range named Natrapet in 1995 and spent 5 years refining it until 2000. Gordon’s remedies are available to purchase at any one of his eight branches and are soon to be available to buy online.