Fluoroquinolones are antibiotics prescribed to treat bacterial infections, they basically kill bacteria or prevent its growth. This antibiotic is often prescribed for bacterial eye infection, these infections may occur on the cornea (clear part of the eye) or in the conjunctiva (pink parts around the eyelids).


If you miss a dose ensure it is given as soon as possible, however, if it is almost time for the next dose then skip the missed dose and continue as normal. Ensure two doses are not administered together.

I have heard that this drug can have side effects, how will this affect my pet?

Side effects are very uncommon with this medication. If you do notice anything unusual, or your pet’s eye looks worse after starting the medication, contact your vet immediately.

Medicine Storage

Ensure this medication is kept out of children’s reach. Store the eye drops in a tight, light resistant container.

Possible drug interactions

Ensure your vet is aware of any other medication you are giving your pet. Drug interaction is not uncommon when two differing medications are prescribed.

By Gordon Roberts

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