How to clean your dog’s teeth

The single best thing you can do to keep your dog’s mouth in sparkling good health is to get them used to having their teeth regularly brushed. You’ll have most success if you train them to this as puppies, and many dogs end up enjoying having their daily brush-up – especially if it’s rewarded with a few treats. It will take some time to get them used to the experience.

You’ll need a dog toothbrush and some special canine toothpaste – both available from any good pet store. You’ll also need a good stock of treats for the training process. First of all, you’ll need to spend a good deal of time getting your dog used to having its mouth opened and examined – not a natural scenario for any predator! The important thing is to get it to associate teeth-brushing with good things – and that means treats. A good way to start is by getting the dog accustomed to having your fingers in its mouth by way of something tasty – peanut butter often goes down well. After that it’s a slow process of getting your dog accustomed to having its muzzle handled. Do this step by step, in a nice quiet place over a period of days, with lots of treats, building things up until the dog is happy to have you hold its mouth open without struggling. At this point you’ll be able to start the brushing, and soon it’ll be as much a part of the dog’s daily routine as your own nightly tooth-cleaning routine!

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