Great was to treat your dog this Christmas

5 ways to treat your dog this Christmas While you’re frantically doing your Christmas shopping this year, spare a thought for the furry friend in your life. That little guy who never asks anything from you, never moans when you get home from work late or when you don’t have time to cuddle. Christmas is […]

Reasons not to get a pet for Christmas

4 big reasons NOT to get a pet for Christmas It can be very tempting to get an adorable puppy or kitten for that special someone in your life, but if you’ve decided to give the gift of a pet this Christmas, you should think again. There are lots of reasons why this is simply […]

How to clean your dog’s teeth

The single best thing you can do to keep your dog’s mouth in sparkling good health is to get them used to having their teeth regularly brushed. You’ll have most success if you train them to this as puppies, and many dogs end up enjoying having their daily brush-up – especially if it’s rewarded with […]

Dental Diseases

We’re all used to giving our own teeth a thorough brushing morning and night, and though many of us have nightmares about dentists’ drills, a regular toothy check-up is an accepted part of life. It should be obvious, then, that our pets’ teeth need attention too, but for some reason many people forget this. If […]

Kidney and Liver Problems

The kidneys are the great waste management machines of the body, taking out wastes and toxins from the bloodstream and regulating fluid levels. We all have them, and if they don’t work properly then our lives can be under serious threat. The same, of course, goes for dogs, and kidney problems are often an issue, […]

Heart Disease

Dogs, like people, can suffer from a variety of heart problems, especially as they get older, and especially if they are overweight. Dogs also face the added threat of heartworms, a parasitic nematode spread by mosquito bites. Fortunately this is not a threat in the UK, but it is something to be aware of if […]


Diabetes is as much a problem for dogs as it is for humans. In fact, the canine experience of this hormonal disorder mirrors our own remarkably closely. And just as with diabetic humans the condition can be successfully managed – though you’ll have some work to do to keep your diabetic dog healthy. Dogs generally […]


Dogs can suffer from all sorts of skin problems – after all, under that lovely shiny coat they have skin just like us, and just like us it is susceptible to all sorts of problems. A major cause of skin issues in dogs is what is known as atopic dermatitis. All dogs get a few […]

Dental Problems

A mighty mouthful of shiny white teeth is the ideal in any dog. These are, after all natural predators, and we even take the name of our own frontal fangs – the canines – from the scientific name for the dog family. It might, then, be easy to imagine that dogs’ teeth look after themselves, […]


“Cancer” is such an ominous and preoccupying presence in the subject of human health that we can all too easily forget that it affects other animals too, not least dogs. And just as with humans canine cancer comes in all manner of forms, due to all manner of causes, and with all manner of prognoses. […]