About Gordon Roberts

Gordon Roberts passion for wellness medicine was the driving force behind the creation of Wellpets Animal Hospital which opened its first branch in (add location) on (add date).

Since then, Gordon has become a veterinary expert treatment thousands of pets and opened a further 7 branches making him a key authority figure in the UK Veterinary market…

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Great was to treat your dog this Christmas

5 ways to treat your dog this Christmas While you’re frantically doing your Christmas shopping this year, spare a thought for the furry friend in your life. That little guy who never asks anything from you, never moans when you get home from work late or when you don’t have time to cuddle. Christmas is […]

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Reasons not to get a pet for Christmas

4 big reasons NOT to get a pet for Christmas It can be very tempting to get an adorable puppy or kitten for that special someone in your life, but if you’ve decided to give the gift of a pet this Christmas, you should think again. There are lots of reasons why this is simply […]

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